About Us

” To meet unmet medical and healthcare needs across the globe through innovation, science, and modern technologies. ”

To become the market leader and the world’s most recognized brand in personal care products and solutions. Our goal is to create and design products and solutions to cure, not to treat, the debilitating medical conditions, and to ensure ease of access to these products and services for patients and healthcare professionals. ”

“Integrity: We act in ethical and professional ways that instill confidence and trust. Performance-driven work culture: We ensure a culture of meritocracy where ingenuity, intelligence, and professional brilliance are recognized, encouraged, and rewarded. Innovation: We apply our knowledge, skills, insights, and imagination to create new products and solutions to meet healthcare needs. Quality: We ensure that best practices and compliance with specifications are followed at each step of the manufacturing process for maximum quality. Collaboration: We work together and create team synergy to achieve our goal. ”

DiponEd is an innovative healthcare bio-technology R&D driven company. DiponEd is a manufacturer of scientifically proven personal care products and solutions meeting global standards. We focus on developing third generation products to address the unmet healthcare needs, through a personalized approach. By combining trusted technology with industry expertise in research and development, we create a wide range of high quality, efficacious, and safe products in the country which are affordable and easily accessible.

The power of biotechnology and biomedical engineering has helped our R&D team to design multiple programs targeting cellular biologicals, stem cell transplantation & processing protocols, developing monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and cellular therapies. We design and create biomaterials using our proprietary 3D printing technology and 3D tissue engineering.

Our focus is on current personalized medicine which includes genetic predispositions, mutation detection, cancer-integrated therapies, pharmacogenomics-based drug response tests, anti-aging, stem cells transplantations in blood-related disorders, biomaterials, 3D reconstructions, orthotics, radiation, chemo protection, personalization, skin and hair treatments, infertility and healthcare products.